OPSGEAR® is a veteran owned business and had only been around a few months when the September 11th attacks took place. After that day we increased our already firm commitment to supporting those in the Military, Police and 911 communities.

Our key philosophy is to take care of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, police and civilians that we service. We do this by being honest in our dealings and by having full integrity in all transactions. This core attitude has given us explosive growth every year.

We started humbly in a garage selling a few tactical gear products from some key manufacturers, as well as some paintball products that we used in training. Now we operate thousands of feet of warehouse distribution space and have dozens of employees. As we have grown to a full line tactical company we have never forgotten who put us on the map... our customers.

Since 2002 we have seen the Urban Warfare Center® develop into a premier training facility that has prepared thousands of military and police for the reality of conflict.

We have and continue to share our methods and tools with friendly forces world-wide to enable them to deal with the danger and reality of conflict and terror across the globe.

As a focused and driven group of people, and in our rush to launch new products, deploy new training methods, and dominate our markets, we know it is critical that we remember those that make us free, and our customers that keep us in business. We thank those of you in uniform from the bottom of our hearts and say to all of our customers that spend hard earned money in our stores or on our site..."order with confidence" we will treat you right - always.

David Burnell
CEO & Founder